I am an intuitive maker, and my work is poetic and personal; I prefer to let it unfold organically, naturally and intrinsically. Nature is a recurring subject that always inspires me and teaches me something new every day. I believe that as a society, we can gain valuable insights from nature. Awareness of seasons, cyclical living, and transience are significant elements in both my life and artistic practice. By visualising what moves or resonates within me, I hope to prevent its loss and create imagery in others' imaginations.

My interests are diverse. An important aspect of my work is exploring and bridging the boundaries of various disciplines or fields, such as art, science, language, philosophy, music, and spirituality. I am a research-based creator interested in experimental approaches and breaking conventions. Often, I push the limits of different media, including photography and screen printing.

With my work, I aim to sow seeds of awareness and appreciation for nature around us and the fact that we are part of it. I want to inspire people to wonder and contemplate our interconnection with nature.

Past:              exhibition A12, MotMot gallery, Breda. 05/10/2023 - 20/01/2024
                        bring your own book | ENTER ENTER. 15/09/2023 - 15/10/2023
                        exhibition of ‘Echoic Memory’ for Filling the Void, The Grey Space in the Middle,
                        The Hague. 31/03/2023


︎ chloeblansjaar@hotmail.com

Link to portfolio (in Dutch, English version coming soon)